Friday, April 23, 2010

Whats a good name for a male kitten who looks like a tiger but with grey/white fur?

I've had my kitten for atleast two months and I haven't named him yet, and I think its about time to do so.

What are some good non-human names?

Whats a good name for a male kitten who looks like a tiger but with grey/white fur?
"Sher". Its a Bengali word that means tiger.
Reply:Liger... ie lion and tiger! Like from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.That perfect,LOL!
Reply:Major, Mystic....IDK I had a kitten kinda like that and those were 2 names that popped up!
Reply:Sligger, (silver tiger and grey tiger)

Rayo' or Gris - Striped (Rayo')

Gris (Grey)

Argent茅es - French for stripes
Reply:I had a cat with the same fur that you've described and he had a pink nose. His name was Stripes.
Reply:call him Syber or Siber, short for siberian
Reply:how about General.
Reply:liger (napolean dynomite)



snow track
Reply:sounds like my cat:


(that is really what i call him!)
Reply:Tiger =]


Mohan is the founding father of white Bengal tigers. He was captured as a cub in 1951 when Maharajah Shri Martand Singh and his hunting party found a tigress with four 9 month old cubs, including one white one, while hunting in Bandhavgarh. All except the white cub were shot. The white cub was later captured and housed at the Maharajah's palace. He named it Mohan, meaning "Enchanter".

In 1952, Mohan was bred to a normal-coloured wild tigress called Begum, but they produced only orange cubs because Begum did not carry the recessive white gene. Some of these cubs, which carried the white gene, were sent to zoos and, as a result, white tiger cubs have been born unexpectedly to orange parents in zoos. Mohan was then bred to his daughter Radha (who carried the white gene) and they produced a number of white cubs, including Mohini ("Enchantress") who later founded American lines of white tigers. Mohan died in 1969, aged almost 20. He was the last recorded wild-caught white tiger.
Reply:Goober, tigrey, samsonite, mistic, or think of a drink you like and name it that- cosmo, qe-la, rufus...

That is the name of a tiger at the Gulf Shores zoo in Alabama. If you watch "The Little Zoo That Could" on the Animal Planet, you might see him.
Reply:I had a cat that looked like a Tiger and I named him Tiger, but my family lost him on April 28th 2007 he was only 2 1/2 years old, that was the saddest day his brother Oreo is the only one left, anyways you can name him anything, like smokey

chinese hibiscus

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